Sunday, October 2, 2011

Im the Good Witch

Hello blog land,  been busy here and almost let Halloween go by with out posting these things created for a special event.   Some of my online papercrafting buddies met up in Woodstock Ga for a wonderful weekend. The hostess planned a halloween theme event and I created these name tags for each of the ladies to wear.  The witch head and hair was cut from Princess cart and the Hat from Oct. 31st.  I had a blast and was lucky enough to help decorate the evening before so I also made up a few signs to hang around the room for 'inspiration'.  lol.   hope you like and it inspires you to host a crop with a theme.  :)   I am already looking forward to the next one!
The Mojo Potion cup, menu's and the witchie poo shoe filled with embellishments were all made by our Hosts. They were soooo creative and even created wands for us to use ensuring we would never hit a brain freeze.   love these girls  :)

most cuts for the signs came from Oct. 31st, and Happy Hauntings.  The scissors from Sentimentals and the trick or treating witch from A childs year. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Fall ALL!

Created this cute little shaped card for a special little girl ;)

Cuts are both from Hello Kitty.  I just think the bat is sooo cute.
The day is beautiful and hope the sun is shining in your part of the world :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Blog !

Yes, it has been a while and I have not gone far... things have been really busy but rather exciting around here.   My job is keeping me rather busy and much longer days for the moment, but praying soon that slows down.  On the home front is where the good news is!!!   A few months back my sweet husband informed me that we could close our outside barn, storage, carport thingy... lol.. in where I could create my very own studio!   Well it certainly means allot of work, but already I can tell its going to be worth it.   Trees have been cut and cleaned out for the most part, met with the builder and twice had to redo plans.  ( come on now it is my studio... so a girl can change her mind right ? lol ).  Well, the slab was poured and after deciding that I should share this space with my honey, and also the pups for they needed the shade during the day we decided on the division and up went the framing.  I came home yesterday and wow.. are they  moving quick.
Today... if weather permits, they will begin putting on the siding, hanging windows and doors and I can not wait to see what changes have happened when I get home :).   
Wanted to let you know why things have been quiet here ... that's not to say my brain is not working overtime on new creations!!  We still have a way to go on the building, electrician, painter and flooring.  Then the walls and trim work.  I am still searching for storage ideas for all my crafting goods, but if all goes well I say by fall I will be creating in my new space.

Don't desert me... pics will come soon :)  
hummm wait... I could be OK if you do desert me... only if it means I am tossed a apple pie, with a heaping of ice cream ?

Stay tuned... more to come !!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

BBTB2 Mitten Challenge

Another challenge for BBTB2. This time, Mittens from the  'Joys of the Season' cartridge.
I am a Christmas fool, but wanted to really challenge myself to not work on the holiday just yet. I came up with a few ideas, ' wonderfall '.. mittens holding leaves, then there was a card ... YOU WARM MY HEART, and the last idea which I really, really wanted to pull off was, a layout for my neice,
                                   ' Hot Cocoa.... its finger mitten good. '
I have it all done... but can not find back ground paper for the layout that suits me.
Ughhh ever happen to you?
So... time running was running out to enter and It looks like it will be just the card.  I can always incorp. it into the layout at a later date.  ;)     So here is my card entry -
 ' You warm my heart ', and my sweet mittens holding a hot cup of cocoa.
 Additional cuts, the Cup is from Gypsy Wanderings and the mittens were adorned with a border from Elegant Cakes. Now... why my pom pom fringe is looking burgandy..and not hot pink is beyond me,  
Oh how this makes me long for October and cool Autumn nights.  Watching a football game that is!   enjoy :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Mailers

A few cards created in celebration of Summer. Tell me who does not love the Red White and Blue, and cute little crabs :)
For these two cards I used two cartridges. First, Pack your Bags. A new summer cartridge that the Anchor stamp was cut from.  The second cartridge was Create a Critter. The obvious cut, that sweet little crab. I used Peachy Keen to stamp his happy face. 
The not so obvious cut... the STARFISH ! YEPPERS these little starfish were cut using Create a Critter, and after a bit of shaping, coloring and a sprinkle of glitter to give it that wet sandy look I think they look almost real. A bit more practice and ill have a handfull sitting ready for some overdue scrapbook pages sitting in my round to it pile. :)
Happy Summer all!
and a dream of beautiful ocean side, feet in the sand and cold drink in the hand moments.

I have entered these into the BBTB2 Starfish Challenge :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Star Spangled Banner ?!?! ;)

For an upcoming swap where the theme is Red White and Blue,
I wanted to challenge myself not to go with the typical patriotic theme.
So... in keeping with Red White and Blue and
considering my partner and her love of the beach I am going with Nautical instead.
For this project... our challenge was ' Star Spangled Banner '.  I believe I stayed well with in the rules.  I have RWB and stars and stripes and it is a banner.  Tell me you Agree ? ;)
I used the Cricut cart. Life's a Beach to cut for patterns for both the anchor and the crab.
Please don't count his legs !!!
I accidentally cut one off!! so had to on the other side too or he would have looked wonky.  
We cant have a wonky crab.
Anyway... another feltie, these are wired too and the idea was to have the crab hold a little sign but cant settle on one saying yet.  Suggestions welcomed :)

The back ground is canvas that I painted and glittered and pearlized
The pennants are also felt with stitched Stars and Circles cut from my Sizzix.
I hope my partner appreciates my interpretation of the Red White and Blue swap.
If not... Ill happily pay for return shipping.
Ha. Life's a Beach !!! enjoy!!!

now I'm feelin' BEACHY !!!  ( that's a good thing :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flutter by tea cup pin cushion

Hello gals,

Quick post before I head out to the Beach :)
Created another sweet pin cushion for a swap on the Cricut MB.  This was to be a teacup pincushion and I think adding the butterfly and a few hand made stick pins makes it sweeeet.
Its postal and hoping my swap partner enjoys !

Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Carpet ready for the Moxie Fab Challenge :)

Here she is gals,  Posting her all decked out for what you ask ??? 

Im entering her in the Tissue Paper Magic challenge over in the Moxie Fab World !!  
This weeks challenge was to use Tissue paper and or Crepe paper in a creative way.
Being that her bodice was made of tissue paper, modged then painted, and her skirt was crepe paper fans I could not pass up the opportunity to check her into the challenge on the Moxie blog !!

You can see it here:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cricut Felties part II

Goood morning Blog,  as promised part two of Cricut Felties.
This time these were both made using Cricut Cartridge Straight From the Nest. 
The flower pics dont show it.... grrr  ( may be taking those again )  
but, the flower its self has a 'pillow' of hot pink and purple, then two more flowers were cut in the hot pink and pale pink and outter edges sewn for layering only.   This way is fluffy enough to serve as a table top pin cushion. large yellow button for the center and topped with a red, velvet covered button.   The leaves were both sewn with two layers but not stuffed.   Just tucked into the layers of the flower petals.
I love the way it turned out !  Happy colors :)

and then there is the OWL.   WHO LOVES YOU BABY ?!?!!?  Oh.. that cut is such a simple Cricut cut in paper but when done in felt the colors and layers pop!  I stuffed the main body but not the wings.  then added the final layer of wings in blue.  I dunno.. .just liked the way it looked.   I used prima flower centers for the eyes and his belly... i took the paper pattern and traced the swirl of its tummy in perm. marker. then covered in glitter glue.    Yep you guessed it... another pin cushion :)   this time i was thinking that its back side would serve to hold the pins.  Kinda like the pins would represent the tail feathers of the owl.   
I sooo see more of these in the future :)   Im addicted.

These will be posted over on the Collectors Cut Blog soon! be sure to check it out for my friends and I are challenging ourself to use every cart in our collections!  Their creations are from different carts !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cricut Felties !!!

No ... dont get to excited. I DID NOT cut these with my cricut. I did however use my cricut and the cartridge Florals Embellished to make paper patterns for use when I cut my felt. :)
The patterns in this handbook remind me all too much of ornaments from when I was a tiny tot.
I loved all the sparkly felt ornaments hanging on my grandmothers tree ! So I just had to take the opportunity to try one. So the Bird... a swweeet partridge for my Christmas Tree!!!
I cut the bird from page 65 in the handbook at 6 inches.
The butterfly, its from page 70 in the handbook and ... well... everyone in the paper crafting world is making these stick pins. I love them.. and its a new addiction :).... but where to keep them is the challenge.
So... i made a felt hanging pin cushion !! stuffed a bit and ready to be decked out with all my favorite pins.

Hope you like and hope you check back soon, because next up... yep, more felt goodies !!! ;)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They grow up wayyyy to fast =(

Cody and his date Halston.  His Junior year prom. 
Oh to be 17 again.  They were beautiful!
Their close friends Kyle and Avery are in the back ground.  I did good on the pics didnt I ?  LOL

Honestly I dont think they could take a bad picture. ... so it was nothing hard on my part.

So handsome.   I love this kiddo !!!! 
Not a crafty project post I know... but it will be as soon as I find the perfect papers !!!! Thinking Websters Pages would work with these photos the best!!  now... there are only more than 100 favorite pics !  i have alot of work ahead of me and will do it joyfully :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sending Happy Mail :)

Gals.. its finally mailed... and once received... Happy Mail it will be  :)   ( least I hope ! )
Now, I must state for the record, that we were only required to do or purchase at least two.  I on the other hand tend to go overboard. With that said... this was to be in the mail by April 2nd.  Here it is the 9th!!!  Ive been soo busy I had not been able to complete on time and thus two extra goodies for my friend  :) 
lucky you ! 

First is a wooden altered star and part of my teaser posted earlier.. hope you like!! this one was close to staying behind!

Second addition for Laura is this sweet summer canvas book, filled with papers to keep notes on your swaps and wish lists :)  I loved this and stickled just a bit to make is shine. 
come on gals everything looks good all sparkley!

Ok here we go.......
These are the wish list items Laura posted.
That I could select from...  :)

1. stick pins--no bright colors. I like pinks, earthy tones, black, and pearls

And this is what she will receive.  Not just pins... but a sweet tea cup pin cushion to hold her favorites!

2. I would love some lace trims.. not sure if that qualifies or not

I would say it Qualifies !!  I stole from my stash, tea stained and packed in a small hat box for storage :) altered tin that is shabby chic or vintage.. I want to be able to fill it with cards

Ok... I was going to alter this, but being that Laura is a bit country.. I could not bring myself to cover it.
My husband was disapointed this was leaving the house.  It did look great in my kitchen!
Should be the perfect fit for a bucket full of cards!

4. fabric flowers or grunge paper flowers

or..... BOTH !  :)
These were made with ribbon, lace felt and paper. 
I did throw in two purchased ones from my stash.
Again I packaged them up in a cute hat box... to stack along with the lace one

5. something (maybe wood--doesn't have to be...) that is altered to match my craft room to hold pens, tools, etc

Not wood, but how about a metal three cup spinning container ??  I did alter this one and hope it works with Laura's newly painted craft room.

And I just could not go with out sharing the stacked boxes that were filled with the flowers and lace.
Laura I hope everything goes well in your crafting space!!