Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Challenge

I am always up for a bit of a challenge and love to comeup with unique items.
These little creations were for a swap I was in on the Cricut MB. The challenge was simple really. An angel theme.
We had the liberty to come up with anything ANGEL and most were doing precious little angel dolls. So for me.... I knew I had to think outside of that. Wanted unique and original. Took forever for me to settle on something, and it actually happened by accident. I was making angel food cake and my light bulb went off.The rest was history.
I shared these creations along with the receipe with my friends and fellow swappers.
I also created a bit of something to remind them that friends are angels sent to make playtime fun.
Thank you all for helping me make my paper play a fun time evertime I sit down to create. You guys are the best.

Carts used:
CAKE - Sweet treats and Indie art for the wings
FRIENDS - ACY, Indi Art and Walk in my garden for the font

Monday, May 24, 2010

Avery and Tinkerbell

Today, I invited my sweet neice to come spend memorial day with me.
She is three now, and Im so behind on scrapping her albums. This is her a while back and I just loved this age of discovery. Isnt she precious ????

This layout was made using Cricuts Tinkerbell. All the flowers with exception of the white were cut from Tink.
The inside circle, that was cut using a corner punch and following a slight pencil line all the way around. I loved how it turned out.

Princess Doll tags

Now that I have my blog going I thought I'd go back into my photos and share a few things with you.
These little dolls were made using the cricut Princess cart. I ended up making name tags for all the ladies that were attending the Atlanta swarm. They were sooo suprised to receive them and the cookies HA!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mini Album

The challenge - ' Time Flies '

For this I could not be more happy with the results. My partner in the GIBBS swap has growing teens. I was delighted when she sent pictures of her family and thought that this project was in deed perfect for the challenge.
I will be adding her pics. before sending off, but wanted to share with you the base of the album.
And... oh my, I just noticed that I have left the eye and nose off my litte deer. Guess Ill have a bit more detailing to do before mailing off.

For this project I used the new Cricut Cart. Give a Hoot. I sooo love the little animal designs this cart holds.
Enjoy the preview and please... its a secret :)


The Challenge - ' Share and share alike '

For this GIBBS challenge I decided to create a set of cards. There is nothing quite like receiving a sweet home made card. And Sharing your thoughts of others is what its all about really right?
This was created actually from a kit where I had to modifiy just a bit. I wanted to add my own touches so after a bit of shifting, coloring, and adding of flowers and bling I was happy with the result.

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' Button It '

The challenge - ' Button It '
Again, my partner is a bit shabby chic' and I so hope thats the results I have managed in this little project.
This was made using soooo many buttons. Tissue and modgepodge.
I love the little Initial I was able to add in. Think it personalizes it a bit.:)
Hope she is able to find a sweet little corner in her new scrap room to hang this for a bit more inspiration to be freely creative.

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Ok... second up for review and I could not be more excited about this little goodie.

The challenge - ' I don't need no stinking paper '

For this I wanted to try my hand at fabric flowers and I could not be more pleased.
I was sooo encouraged by the results, I went today to town to purchase many fabric pieces in hopes to create more.
My partner likes a shabby chic' look and hope this finds a special use for her. I was thinking maybe a sweet little cosmetic bag as a possible option.
Enjoy the peeks.. but hey... please keep it a secret for A will not be able to see these things for more than a month from now. ;)

A happy hello and a sweet little Banner

So glad I found my blog and so very thankful for my online friends who with out their encouragement, this blog would never be. I love you gals!

Today I want to share a bit of what I have been up to.
First, there is this amazing woman, Tammy who I just stand in awe too.
She is a wife, mother to growing teens, owns her own business, teaches and hosts monthy crops. She is a SU consultant and planns long distance swarms !!
Whew! It tires me just thinking of all she manages and yet she still finds time to entertain us in her amazing online group called GIBBS. I am ever so grateful to have been able to participate and want to share a few things I have created for my Partner Andrea.

Enjoy the peeks :)


First up...the challenge - " What was I thinking "
For this I made a sweet banner. I understand that "A" will be gaining a new scrapping space and hope that she finds room in it for this. May it remind her that we all scrap to 'cherish' the moments.

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