Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sending Happy Mail :)

Gals.. its finally mailed... and once received... Happy Mail it will be  :)   ( least I hope ! )
Now, I must state for the record, that we were only required to do or purchase at least two.  I on the other hand tend to go overboard. With that said... this was to be in the mail by April 2nd.  Here it is the 9th!!!  Ive been soo busy I had not been able to complete on time and thus two extra goodies for my friend  :) 
lucky you ! 

First is a wooden altered star and part of my teaser posted earlier.. hope you like!! this one was close to staying behind!

Second addition for Laura is this sweet summer canvas book, filled with papers to keep notes on your swaps and wish lists :)  I loved this and stickled just a bit to make is shine. 
come on gals everything looks good all sparkley!

Ok here we go.......
These are the wish list items Laura posted.
That I could select from...  :)

1. stick pins--no bright colors. I like pinks, earthy tones, black, and pearls

And this is what she will receive.  Not just pins... but a sweet tea cup pin cushion to hold her favorites!

2. I would love some lace trims.. not sure if that qualifies or not

I would say it Qualifies !!  I stole from my stash, tea stained and packed in a small hat box for storage :) altered tin that is shabby chic or vintage.. I want to be able to fill it with cards

Ok... I was going to alter this, but being that Laura is a bit country.. I could not bring myself to cover it.
My husband was disapointed this was leaving the house.  It did look great in my kitchen!
Should be the perfect fit for a bucket full of cards!

4. fabric flowers or grunge paper flowers

or..... BOTH !  :)
These were made with ribbon, lace felt and paper. 
I did throw in two purchased ones from my stash.
Again I packaged them up in a cute hat box... to stack along with the lace one

5. something (maybe wood--doesn't have to be...) that is altered to match my craft room to hold pens, tools, etc

Not wood, but how about a metal three cup spinning container ??  I did alter this one and hope it works with Laura's newly painted craft room.

And I just could not go with out sharing the stacked boxes that were filled with the flowers and lace.
Laura I hope everything goes well in your crafting space!!


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  1. OMG!! Those flowers are so pretty!! And where did you get those little hat boxes? I want to get some! Thanks!

    aka Doodles on the Cricut MB