Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wonderful World of Cars

Its time for another SOUS creation.  This one challenged us to incorporate vehicles into a project.
Being that we are well into our NASCAR season, no better time then now to sit and scrapbook some long overdue photo's.  WOW how time flies... can you say 2003 ?!?!?!!!  I hope I am not alone with the back log of memories just waiting to be revisited.  Bryan and I spent our anniversary in 2003 with a few friends at the Charlotte NC track.   Boy was I spoiled.  As you can tell from the few photos we were hanging out with the drivers.  Yep behind that fence for all you fans ;).   I never knew just how nice their buses were till then.   We were given our own little golf cart to scoot around just about anywhere we wanted to go.  PIT ROW was a first request where I was able to take a few photos with some willing fella's :) ( Go Brown ).   The rains came, as they do often and we were off to the garage where we were able to capture the crews in action.  You would not believe how clean they keep everything!  I was so very impressed and overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone we met.   Oh this is not all of them but its a start.  For these layouts I pulled out the fantastic CARS Cricut Cartridge.  Could there be anything more perfect?  :)  

For the Cars cut, you will see multiple layers, a bit of copic coloring and some sparkle! 
Everything looks better with a little glitter right ?

                                                                      GO BIG BROWN!

Who does not love a bit of Lightning McQueen, you know he always dreamed of being a NASCAR super star :)    Lots of layering but oh so worth it.   Again some glitter to polish him up and a Checkered flag waving the boys around for the final lap.

Perfect Pit stop markers!  as a rain delay brought out a Caution. 
I layered the flags and popdotted to give a bit of dimention.  

My most favorite cut of all.  Wierd I know.  but I jsut love this.  I cut the stop light and popdotted, and colored.  I used for the Red, Yellow and Green glitter paper so it would appear to be lit up a bit.  I also used perfect pearls for the white highlites with in.   I will be using this cut again I am sure. 

And the two page spread.  10 pictures and 7 die cuts on a two page layout.  Whew thats alot for someone who usually scraps a single photo at a time, but boy do I love out it turned out.  
Now head on over to the official SOUS blog for some more exciting vehicle inspired projects!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by all the different ideas the ladies came up with.
Hugs until next time :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SOUS School is Cool

Amazing how life can change in an instant.   My posts will be slow to come as my family greives the loss of my brother.  He was an amazing soul and I am blessed to have had him in my life.


This post although late being published to my own blog was completed for the August 10 SOUS die cut DT.  The theme, School is cool and with my Cody just graduating nothing was cooler than seeing him having fun and living life with no worries his Senior year in HS.   These photo's were from Prom and not sure if the look on their faces show 'fun times ahead' or 'trouble'.  Either way he survived and is now preparing for college. ACK!     For my layout I used the Cricut Cart. Elegant Cakes.  If you have not thought of cake carts for your regular machines please do.  They are filled with the most elegant borders and fonts.   I also used the Cricut Cart Pretty Pennants.   And yeppers... another one completed for my sweet boy .... with flowers ;)     

If you have not already visited the official SOUS Blog, please do so and check out all the inspiration for Back to school that our other DT gals created.  Lots of fantastic ideas to get your MOJO going.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Lets keeps this going shall we.   Post #2 of 7.  I think your really going to love this one!  and mind you the BEST one is yet to come ;)      For any who are just now reading this I encourage you to read the previous post.  I am sharing a series of 7 signs created for a little rockers 4th Birthday party.   This beauty represented the 'shop' where each guest could come shop and pick out their very own guitar! ( hee hee, blow up versions from oriental trading I think )   The Guitars they were able to find had flames on them and so of course I followed suit.     The Cricut Cartridge used... wait for it... Rock Princess !!! yep that guitar came off of Rock Princess and the flames were added using Indie art.   I love proving that even a girl cartridge can be worked for the boys :)         

2 down and 5 to go!  see you soon

Saturday, August 4, 2012

HARD ROCK candy bar

Ok.. remember when I mentioned not much activity in blog land.. but that I had been busy ?  Well... this post is the begining of some things I have been working on.     First up.  A ROCKIN BIRTHDAY !!  I have a friend at the office who wanted to help another friend and asked if I could create a few signs that would serve as ' store fronts ' for a childs rockin birthday party.  Cool I thought and so I said yes not even having met this other gal.  So with my list in hand, I was challenged to come up with a sign for the following:  Candy Bar, Gift Table, Cake Table, Guitar stand, Hair salon and Tattoo Parlor.   This cool kid loves playing guitar hero and his favorite color was blue.   Did I mention he was only 4 ?   LOL... yep I did the same thing. But learned quickly that this kiddo was into his parents classic rock music and could beat most anyone in guitar hero.  That game alone is what sparked the idea of this party.   So MOM decided to envolve all the family,  each would dress in rocker style and man a station and it was my job to 'ROCK IT OUT' ensuring it was boyish, and fun.  So with out delay lets get onto the fun stuff shall we.  :)   

For todays post I will share the first Sign representing the Candy Bar.... and for the next few days I will post the remaining till they are all up so please stay tuned.

Ok.. so kid party... a table set up with a variety of candies and treats, a boy and ROCK... humm I thought.  But it did not take long to imagine the Hard Rock Cafe'  :) 
So below is my version and Sign no. 1.

The base for all signs is the typical school project foam core board.  I cut each with a razor as my starting point.   For the Hard Rock Candy Bar, I used the Cricut Cartridge George and Basic shapes to cut my circle and the shadow.   "Candy Bar" was cut from Cricut Cartridge Street Sign, and " Hard Rock " cut from Hanna Montanna.    I glittered the circle wanting to give the effect of 'rock candy' for any of you that remember that :).   Being that his favorite color was blue, you will find it mixed in just about every single sign.   You will also find that although this was for a boy... I used the Hanna Montanna cartridge often as well.  So to any who thought that it was just for girls.... check back in the coming days and you just may have a change of heart ;)