Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flutter by tea cup pin cushion

Hello gals,

Quick post before I head out to the Beach :)
Created another sweet pin cushion for a swap on the Cricut MB.  This was to be a teacup pincushion and I think adding the butterfly and a few hand made stick pins makes it sweeeet.
Its postal and hoping my swap partner enjoys !

Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Carpet ready for the Moxie Fab Challenge :)

Here she is gals,  Posting her all decked out for what you ask ??? 

Im entering her in the Tissue Paper Magic challenge over in the Moxie Fab World !!  
This weeks challenge was to use Tissue paper and or Crepe paper in a creative way.
Being that her bodice was made of tissue paper, modged then painted, and her skirt was crepe paper fans I could not pass up the opportunity to check her into the challenge on the Moxie blog !!

You can see it here:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cricut Felties part II

Goood morning Blog,  as promised part two of Cricut Felties.
This time these were both made using Cricut Cartridge Straight From the Nest. 
The flower pics dont show it.... grrr  ( may be taking those again )  
but, the flower its self has a 'pillow' of hot pink and purple, then two more flowers were cut in the hot pink and pale pink and outter edges sewn for layering only.   This way is fluffy enough to serve as a table top pin cushion. large yellow button for the center and topped with a red, velvet covered button.   The leaves were both sewn with two layers but not stuffed.   Just tucked into the layers of the flower petals.
I love the way it turned out !  Happy colors :)

and then there is the OWL.   WHO LOVES YOU BABY ?!?!!?  Oh.. that cut is such a simple Cricut cut in paper but when done in felt the colors and layers pop!  I stuffed the main body but not the wings.  then added the final layer of wings in blue.  I dunno.. .just liked the way it looked.   I used prima flower centers for the eyes and his belly... i took the paper pattern and traced the swirl of its tummy in perm. marker. then covered in glitter glue.    Yep you guessed it... another pin cushion :)   this time i was thinking that its back side would serve to hold the pins.  Kinda like the pins would represent the tail feathers of the owl.   
I sooo see more of these in the future :)   Im addicted.

These will be posted over on the Collectors Cut Blog soon! be sure to check it out for my friends and I are challenging ourself to use every cart in our collections!  Their creations are from different carts !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cricut Felties !!!

No ... dont get to excited. I DID NOT cut these with my cricut. I did however use my cricut and the cartridge Florals Embellished to make paper patterns for use when I cut my felt. :)
The patterns in this handbook remind me all too much of ornaments from when I was a tiny tot.
I loved all the sparkly felt ornaments hanging on my grandmothers tree ! So I just had to take the opportunity to try one. So the Bird... a swweeet partridge for my Christmas Tree!!!
I cut the bird from page 65 in the handbook at 6 inches.
The butterfly, its from page 70 in the handbook and ... well... everyone in the paper crafting world is making these stick pins. I love them.. and its a new addiction :).... but where to keep them is the challenge.
So... i made a felt hanging pin cushion !! stuffed a bit and ready to be decked out with all my favorite pins.

Hope you like and hope you check back soon, because next up... yep, more felt goodies !!! ;)

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