Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Blog !

Yes, it has been a while and I have not gone far... things have been really busy but rather exciting around here.   My job is keeping me rather busy and much longer days for the moment, but praying soon that slows down.  On the home front is where the good news is!!!   A few months back my sweet husband informed me that we could close our outside barn, storage, carport thingy... lol.. in where I could create my very own studio!   Well it certainly means allot of work, but already I can tell its going to be worth it.   Trees have been cut and cleaned out for the most part, met with the builder and twice had to redo plans.  ( come on now it is my studio... so a girl can change her mind right ? lol ).  Well, the slab was poured and after deciding that I should share this space with my honey, and also the pups for they needed the shade during the day we decided on the division and up went the framing.  I came home yesterday and wow.. are they  moving quick.
Today... if weather permits, they will begin putting on the siding, hanging windows and doors and I can not wait to see what changes have happened when I get home :).   
Wanted to let you know why things have been quiet here ... that's not to say my brain is not working overtime on new creations!!  We still have a way to go on the building, electrician, painter and flooring.  Then the walls and trim work.  I am still searching for storage ideas for all my crafting goods, but if all goes well I say by fall I will be creating in my new space.

Don't desert me... pics will come soon :)  
hummm wait... I could be OK if you do desert me... only if it means I am tossed a apple pie, with a heaping of ice cream ?

Stay tuned... more to come !!!