Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cricut Felties !!!

No ... dont get to excited. I DID NOT cut these with my cricut. I did however use my cricut and the cartridge Florals Embellished to make paper patterns for use when I cut my felt. :)
The patterns in this handbook remind me all too much of ornaments from when I was a tiny tot.
I loved all the sparkly felt ornaments hanging on my grandmothers tree ! So I just had to take the opportunity to try one. So the Bird... a swweeet partridge for my Christmas Tree!!!
I cut the bird from page 65 in the handbook at 6 inches.
The butterfly, its from page 70 in the handbook and ... well... everyone in the paper crafting world is making these stick pins. I love them.. and its a new addiction :).... but where to keep them is the challenge.
So... i made a felt hanging pin cushion !! stuffed a bit and ready to be decked out with all my favorite pins.

Hope you like and hope you check back soon, because next up... yep, more felt goodies !!! ;)

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  1. these are beautiful, love how you created them! You have a wonderful blog!

  2. These are beautiful! Now there will be no housework done today and I have added another cart to my wish list! You have a wonderful eye for color and detail!

  3. Okay.... you know I better get one of these!!!!

  4. Wow!! Those are great! Cricut just has to make the machines cut felt sometime...how great would that be? You found a beautiful way to make them from your patterns!

  5. Excellent idea! Thanks. :)