Sunday, August 5, 2012


Lets keeps this going shall we.   Post #2 of 7.  I think your really going to love this one!  and mind you the BEST one is yet to come ;)      For any who are just now reading this I encourage you to read the previous post.  I am sharing a series of 7 signs created for a little rockers 4th Birthday party.   This beauty represented the 'shop' where each guest could come shop and pick out their very own guitar! ( hee hee, blow up versions from oriental trading I think )   The Guitars they were able to find had flames on them and so of course I followed suit.     The Cricut Cartridge used... wait for it... Rock Princess !!! yep that guitar came off of Rock Princess and the flames were added using Indie art.   I love proving that even a girl cartridge can be worked for the boys :)         

2 down and 5 to go!  see you soon


  1. Love the guitars and your new blog look!!

  2. This is Awesome! I love when that happens too!

  3. WOW!!! I just love this! Amazing! :)