Sunday, January 23, 2011

CC challenge #3 - Wild Life cartridge


For Challenge three, my husband drew the Wild Life Cricut Lite cartridge.  Expecting another layout... I thought I would surprise him with a Valentines Day card instead.  This card has the hidden pocket to hold a gift card... to a hunters dream store... Bass Pro Shops!   I used the Wild Life cart to cut the Deer head and the Doe with fawn.  Note the Doe had two fawns with her but since we only have one child I omitted one.
The trees..... yep, for the third challenge in a row, I used Don Juan.  Told you its a fantastic cart! 
Hope you like my card... and check back often for I will be moving on to challenge number four.
Be sure to check out the Collectors Cut blog.. .a blog where we collectors of cartridges are challenging ourself to use each and every one!  


  1. Goodness Kimi! That is absolutely stunning! Bryan will love it!

  2. HA! I love it. I love the comment about Bass Pro being a hunters dream store! SO TRUE!

  3. BEAUTIMOUS!! I absolutely LOVE this card Kimi!