Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Challenge

I am always up for a bit of a challenge and love to comeup with unique items.
These little creations were for a swap I was in on the Cricut MB. The challenge was simple really. An angel theme.
We had the liberty to come up with anything ANGEL and most were doing precious little angel dolls. So for me.... I knew I had to think outside of that. Wanted unique and original. Took forever for me to settle on something, and it actually happened by accident. I was making angel food cake and my light bulb went off.The rest was history.
I shared these creations along with the receipe with my friends and fellow swappers.
I also created a bit of something to remind them that friends are angels sent to make playtime fun.
Thank you all for helping me make my paper play a fun time evertime I sit down to create. You guys are the best.

Carts used:
CAKE - Sweet treats and Indie art for the wings
FRIENDS - ACY, Indi Art and Walk in my garden for the font

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