Friday, September 7, 2012

Save 2nd Base

My favorite time of HS baseball was when the guys would play in theme.  What I mean by this is their uniforms and hats were unique for an individual game and cause.  These boys have played in army greens and hosted appreciation games for men in uniform.  They play for causes to raise money for relief efforts of other communities hit by natural disaster and for this game, they played for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Wearing pink, and their hats Pink and Black with the little ribbon on the back.  I just love that this Coach found a way for our boys to remember communities, honor loved ones lost and support causes even in their everyday activities such as baseball.   I am going to miss Codys High School Days but will cherish the memories for always.

I did not realize this photo was so blurry and I will be replacing with a newer one come Saturday!

This layout was prompted by yet another fantastic group over at Stuck on U Sketches.   We were asked to create something with the theme " Put me in Coach ".   I did not hesitate to pull this photo of Cody and his friends in their pink shirts and a fantastic cause.   The carts used for this were Art Nouveau for the butterfly and Boys will be Boys for the baseball bat and "Playing" title. Then there was good Ol' Don Juan, a go to font for the title " Save 2nd Base ".   The little ribbon, that came from Stand and Salute.  

Dont forget to head on over to the official SOUS blog and check out what my other DT gals have created!  Loads of inspiration for so many different sports themes :)


  1. What a fantastic page, Kimi .. and all in honor of a great cause! Thanks for being part of us!

  2. Awesome layout...I love the idea of a "Save 2nd Base" benefit! Great job, Kimi! :)

  3. This is just gorgeous. I love the hint of "feminine" added to a manly page. Love the breast cancer awareness theme too. Great job.

  4. What a fantastic Layout Kimi!! You did a great job as usual girl!! I am a huge fan of your work, keep up the great work!

  5. What a cute layout Kimi! I think it came out great.